Monday, December 17, 2007

BPR Interview With Steven Rosengard

Anyone who remembers Steven Rosengard's audition from the Season 3 Road To The Runway special would never guess that he posessed such incredibly crisp wit. He brought much needed levity to the Parsons workroom in Season 4 where he not only showed off his talent for design, but also his good nature. Steve checks in with BPR and shows us that he really is one of the good guys.

BPR: Hi Steven, we were sorry to see you go! Was it harder watching it on TV or living through it the first time?

SR: No, it was actually really funny watching it! My friends kept telling me every week, "You're giving me a heart attack every time you're up on that stage during the eliminations!" I had a lot of friends with me and they were all freaking out, and it was funny to watch. It gives you this odd God Complex to see all the people frightened and you know the outcome! i just roared when everyone said, "Oh, it's so sad!" happened a half-year ago!

BPR: If you could do it over again, what would you with that wedding dress?

SR: If I had the entire challenge to do over again, I would have gone into Heidi's bag of buttons and remixed them so that she wouldn't call my name first! But seriously, I know the fit wasn't the best on the dress and the collar was being just a bit wonky, but I stand by design. I don't think there were a lot of other things to design given all those variables:her lifestyle, her type of work, the original dress, and her personl style.

BPR: What did you think about Chris coming back?

SR: I was so glad to see him! We always made each other laugh and sometimes we'd say such foul things to each other and then laugh all over again.

BPR: What is the best advice that Tim Gunn gave you?

SR: The funny thing is that I don't remember getting a lot of advice, which might explain why I was on the chopping block so much! I just remember working on the wedding dress and him saying, "well, best of luck with that."

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