Friday, December 28, 2007

Amanda's Take

KP writes:

Dear Amanda,

I have been greatly perplexed by why the PR models so rarely smile, especially when walking the runway in the contestants' designs?!

The contrast between the "real women" episode last week was particularly remarkable, when most of the real women not only "worked" the runway with pivots and hip action, but also smiled and looked like they loved the outfits even though some may not have felt that way.

I can understand (somewhat) that there may be a tradition of stomping down the runways of New York during fashion week as part of a big city "mood" or trying to achieve some mysterious aura, but really, for the buying public and particularly for the Project Runway television public, it is so much more compelling to see a smile on the models! If a woman was really trying to stand out as a model on this show, I
would think she might at least try smiling, and thereby be more unique!

Think about Victoria Beckham -- she is the rare individual "famous" for never smiling -- but doesn't she just look like a b#%tch, causing people to ask about her lack of smile? That's not a good reason to be "famous."

Dear KP,

On Project Runway, as well as any fashion show in the business, you are there to represent the designer's wishes. The designer has a very specific look to his/her collection and has told the show's producer or will tell the models directly what they want to see on the runway. They have cast that fashion show (or chosen that one model) to best represent the collection they are showing. That is why some models are not hired every season for the same designer. So, if you are modeling
swimwear or lingerie, there is usually more of a smile on the girl's face because it is sexy and flirtatious. If you are showing a floor-length oscar gown, you want to be serious because that look is drop dead gorgeous. You, as the model, are the chameleon: changing your expression with each outfit and hair and makeup change. You understand the mood and project the overall product. When the designer says "no smile" that is what you do!

I think since Project Runway is a tv show, there is more room to smile. If you take a look at season 3, I smiled for the Miss USA challenge, "Fit for a Queen," because she will be smiling at the judges when she wears her gown. Some designers don't get that it is more of a fun tv show and less serious than fashion week (as far as
expressions go) and deliberately tell their model "no smiling!" I know that several other PR models in the past have smiled quite a bit. Probably because their designer was a little bit more relaxed! :)

I hope that answers your question, KP!

Happy Holidays, BPRs!

Much love,

Amanda Fields

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